Re-Light My Fire!

August 2011 – the Groovemachine website comes of age. There’s been a Groovemachine website since the late 90s (for those that are into their web history, take a peek at the “cutting edge” site: OLD Groovemachine website). Hey! for it’s time (when bandwidth was minimal) it wasn’t too bad, but time moves on and a fresh new site has come to take the crown of “Grooviest Groovemachine Site” – admittedly there’s not a huge amount of competition!

If your computer’s fast enough you can enjoy a sublime light show (not quite as impressive as the Groovemachine in full swing – but a more “laidback” ebb and flow of light fades). If you face the emotional anguish of receiving a “your computer is not fast enough” type of message, take heart, you can still TRY and run it using the “Enable background animation” button at the top of the screen. It’ll probably have a go and then back off – but hey, it’s worth a shot. 🙂

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