It was acceptable in the 80s

I-Love-80sAnother 80s themed event this weekend (a 30th birthday party) – all the shoulder pads, big hair, day-glo and glitz (and that’s just MrGroove’s attire!) There’s even an 80s TV Theme Tune competition to get the brain cells whirring (even the TV theme tunes back then had great hook-ridden melodies). Working through the playlist it’s amazing how much variety there was – genuinely a melting pot of styles all vying for attention. I wonder if tunes of the 00’s or 10’s (roll on 2020 when it’ll sound “right” to say “20’s”!) will have such longevity as tunes from the decade that many like to say was “the time that taste forgot” (so what’s wrong with a day-glo pink sock on one foot and a neon green one on the other? – “plenty!” I hear you (quite rightly) cry).

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