New town, Newport to be precise…

So the Groovemachine has landed, much like the Eagle in 1969, though not on the Moon. The touchdown has been successful and the location can be revealed as Newport, Shropshire (no, not the Isle of Wight, or Cardiff – there are so many Newports!).

Time to start spreading the word (or more importantly the music) to Newport, Telford, Shrewsbury, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Walsall and the mighty Birmingham (again) – plus anywhere else in the vicinity. Though I am still available at my old haunts, to misquote a Tavares song “Don’t Take Away, The Grooooovemachine” (needs a few more ‘O’s to fit the music). So, if you’re yet to experience the Groovemachine experience, it’s time to click on the Bookings button.

Prog rock, glam rock, disco and punk

70s Vector Retro Art BackgroundRare tunes played out from the Groovemachine’s mighty speakers at a recent event. Celebrating the anniversary of a vital business to the UK radio and television broadcasting industry, Arqiva was in fine party mood. With the theme fixed firmly in the 1970s, all the tunes of the era were played out to the receptive revellers. Featuring bands made up of staff members, competitions and of course *fab* sounds from the 70s made for a very successful and fun commercial event.

Groovemachine NOT Groove Machine

It’s been noted that when you search the web for “Groovemachine” Google defaults to “Groove Machine” and then lists details about a band with the same name. I wish them well – and I’m sure they’re “groovy”, in fact a double bill of “Groove Machine” the band and “Groovemachine featuring MrGroove” DJing the night away would be a pretty fantastic night I imagine! (get in touch guys for details!) 🙂

Suffice to say we are two different entities so make sure you’ve got them the right way round! 😉

‘Til next time, keepfavicon2 in the groove…

Ones and Zeros – Digital Audio Files

1s and 0s

Groovemachine has been spinning all the right tunes in all the right places since 1990 – yes, in the last millennium when vinyl on turntables was still the standard. CD players were starting to make a presence but it was early days for it be accepted by the DJ fraternity. Then of course those silver plastic discs became the norm, and now we have digital audio file systems. Ironically vinyl is starting to make a resurgence in the HiFi world but there aren’t a huge number of DJs that want to go back to lugging crates of records around each gig!

Digital audio files are all very well but the format used is the critical aspect. MP3s, those files beloved of iTunes, Amazon and pretty much every digital audio file download service, are great for music on the go. The problem with MP3 files is that to get the file size down a lot of the audio information is removed, so for example if there’s a loud sound that largely masks a quieter sound the information for the quieter sound is just ignored. As an unwanted by-product, the compression process also generates higher frequency noise (a kind of “sizzle” – like tin foil being played with) and distortion. For some good examples of this have a look and listen. I’ve provided a somewhat simplified description of what’s known as psychoacoustics (which is not a nutter shouting in a room) and if you really want to dig into the ins and outs take a deep breath and read what Sound On Sound have to say about MP3 and other “lossy” compression formats.

“OK, I get it, when it comes to audio quality MP3s aren’t great!” I hear you (possibly) cry. If you read either of the articles from the links above you’ll have heard about “lossless compression” this is where the audio information is kept 100% intact but the file size is significantly smaller than a CD audio file. One of these lossless formats is FLAC. Which is why Groovemachine have meticulously created and maintain FLAC files of their CD library – so gaining the advantage of not lugging 100’s (1000’s?) of CDs around but still producing CD quality sound (a true Win-Win situation).

So next time you see a laptop-toting DJ, check they’re not using iTunes as their source of music 😉


It was acceptable in the 80s

I-Love-80sAnother 80s themed event this weekend (a 30th birthday party) – all the shoulder pads, big hair, day-glo and glitz (and that’s just MrGroove’s attire!) There’s even an 80s TV Theme Tune competition to get the brain cells whirring (even the TV theme tunes back then had great hook-ridden melodies). Working through the playlist it’s amazing how much variety there was – genuinely a melting pot of styles all vying for attention. I wonder if tunes of the 00’s or 10’s (roll on 2020 when it’ll sound “right” to say “20’s”!) will have such longevity as tunes from the decade that many like to say was “the time that taste forgot” (so what’s wrong with a day-glo pink sock on one foot and a neon green one on the other? – “plenty!” I hear you (quite rightly) cry).

Fun in the sun – On The Beach – Beach Party!

Fun in the sun - with Groovemachine featuring MrGroove

Fun in the sun – with Groovemachine featuring MrGroove

Shiny, sparkling, twinkly lights

Groovemachine featuring MrGroove - pretty sparkly lights and DJ kitIt’s amazing what a bit of imagination can do to an otherwise humdrum function room….

Get a boot wrapped round yer head!

(with apologies to both The Gap Band and 1980’s football “supporters”) – the above title sung to the tune “Oops Up Side Your Head”.

May 2013 – Marathon show time – 4pm ’til 11:00pm! Two gigs in one night for Botley Village Football Club’s Mini Soccer and Tyro teams End of Season Presentation Evening.

New kit!

Denon MC3000October 2012 – Groovemachine has just taken delivery of a shiny new Denon MC-3000 DJ Controller – whilst not being a device that exerts mind control over nearby disc jockeys, it DOES provide a reliable hardware link to the Traktor Pro DJ software that MrGroove uses.

“Awesome controls that really open up the features of Traktor Pro” said MrGroove.

Whilst electro soundscapes may not be your cup of tea you’ll be relieved to hear that the controller is equally at home mixing those great floor-filler party tunes too. So if you’ve got an event coming up that needs an enchanting, uplifting musical backdrop, some supportive but not intrusive mood music or a straightforward warm, fun-filled disco party night – you know who to call!

Click on the Bookings tab on the right of the screen to get in touch.

Shh! Silent Disco

June 2012 – Groovemachine embarks on its first Silent Disco. Not only will Mr Groove be donning his “cans” – but the entire crowd will be putting on their own wireless headphones to hear the pumping sounds of the Groovemachine. With the choice of two different playlist sets, Mr Groove told us: “I can’t wait ’til the big songs that you can’t help but sing along to come on – at that point I’m going to take off my headphones and listen to the acapella crowd!”